Successful implementation of our strategic concepts is our key priority.
We offer market research, development of strategies and implementation of our concepts as full-service-package in order to ensure target achievement.

Companies not benefiting from internal market research department services may wish to opt for our comfortable Outsourcing service.

In addition to market research services, TECHNOMAR offers trend researches, performance of customer satisfaction analysis and benchmarking projects.  It is our target to deliver true to reality estimates at all times – irrespective of the budget volume.

Technology based market research is one of the core activities of TECHNOMAR. Our expertise lies in the application of expert based survey methodology. Based on a guide, our consultants hold structured interviews of up to 3 hours in person with interview partners of market leaders. This enables us to timely recognize unexpected trends. We apply the same methodology in our telephonic interviews with experts in abbreviated form.

We value sustainability in our consulting service.

For this reason we believe that – in addition to the market conditions as such, it is important to integrate factors such as company culture and staff motivation in order to develop concepts which are accepted both by Management and staff – a factor which leads to successful strategy implementation.

Our consultation service starts with an analysis of the current situation of the company, i.e. we analyse factors such as market placement, strenghts, opportunities, weak aspects and possible resulting risks. Based on our profound market know-how we can then, in a next step, establish a realistic plan of action for target achievement.

Prior to the implementation of such steps of action, we align our findings with the existing company strategy and staff culture. Measures supported by Management and staff are thereupon integrated in the strategy of implementation.

The implementation strategy considers steps of action required for overcoming internal barriers as well specific market steps which need be taken into account for external communication. Based on the parameters agreed upon a future measurable success indicator is established to ensure target achievement.

The implementation of our tailored concepts is supported by the sustainability factor combined with our realistic analysis performed. This ensures successful realization of even highly ambitious goals.

An implementation team is established in agreement with our customer. This team steers the project, using the determined measurement plan and strategy for implementation. A vital aspect for project success at this point is Management coaching and the onboarding process of all staff concerned. Once all persons concerned join forces, the successful implementation of measures can be carried through.

The most important aspect for our customers is to generate measurable turnover and profit improvement. This is achieved by:

  • proof of pilot customers in new markets,
  • entry to new sales channels,
  • successful market introduction of new products
  • measurable effectivity and productivity increase

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If an internal department for market research, customer satisfaction and benchmarking in your company is not a profitable choice, we offer a neutral, professional and affordable alternative with our outsourcing service. More often than not, Product Management or Sales Divisions are asked to carry out the tasks described which can lead to unsatisfactory results due to conflicts of interest, seeing that these divisions have their priority set in different fields.

TECHNOMAR’s outsourcing service consists of high quality and quantity oriented market research, customer satisfaction analysis (CSI) and benchmarking – a highly professional  360° analysis package for successful company management.


In detail, the 360° outsourcing package entails:

  • Market analysis for defined segments for continuous periods of time
  • Customer satisfaction interviews in clearly defined intervals
  • Benchmarking about pre-determined competitors
  • Requirement analysis related to planned product introduction
  • Results reports and presentation to steering teams

Outsourcing customers are provided with a firmly allocated expert service team in order to ensure continuous and consistent quality of analysis. This method furthermore reduces briefing expenses and effort.

TECHNOMAR has been supporting customers in many different technology oriented industries for 30 years, assisting in the identification and determination of promising future market trends. In order to render excellent results we have developed a special trend analysis process:

In a first step relevant trend signals are collected. In the capital goods industry a cost intensive trend scouting process can often be omitted since the necessary know-how is evident to Management due to long-term innovation cycles and high market transparency. In addition to this information TECHNOMAR advises to add results from interviews held with key customers and experienced account managers.

In a next step, relevant trends are deducted from trend signals. We use open interviews with experts of specific market segments as well as findings from interviews with representatives of research and institutions in order to determine all influencing factors, actors, legislative regulations and possible disruptive events related to a trend. By using this methodology, we can, additionally, discover unexpected trends.

Following trend description, most likely trends are selected and turned – under consideration of relevant influencing factors – into so called trend stories. These describe – in form of specific case scenarios – the influence the trend will have within the next 3 to 5 years on markets, the company and the products. Consequences of possible disruptive events are additionally taken into consideration.

Based on representative surveys, qualitative trend stories are now turned into quantitative data and into substantiated scenarios in order to establish sound forecasts. Depending on the complexitivity and dimension of the trend we recommend to apply the Delphi methodology or, alternatively, the scenario analysis methodology. In addition, TECHNOMAR applies a systemic procedure in order to set the trend scenarios in cooperation with the customer. All actors and disruptive events identified are issued with a representative and put into relation to each other. The structure obtained reveals – in form of spacial illustration – trend dynamics which in turn are integrated in the forecast. According to our experience it is recommendable to discuss and evaluate the forecasts in expert workshops.

At this project stage, TECHNOMAR works closely with the customer in order to establish which potential and consequences the trend scenarios might have and to discuss new strategies, products and/or other measures to be applied or implemented. TECHNOMAR supports the customer in development and evaluation of strategic options, including business plans and commercial due dilligences in case of optional acquisitions.

The introduction of new trends might call for a fundamental change of processes and structures within the company. TECHNOMAR supports the customers by application of Change Management measures, professional communication based on valid market figures, customer feedback and findings from benchmarks with international competitors. In addition, we recommend presentation of the most likely future scenarios in order to communicate findings and arguments for changes – this step should also be taken in case the results show that the current strategy in action is the best choice for the time being.

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing no wind is favorable.” (Seneca)

Creative and innovative ideas are fuel for success within the globalised world. New ideas keep you one step ahead and secure competitive advantage. Innovation is imperative for growth, profitability and strong market positions. If we are aware of the fact that profitable ideas and concepts very seldom come into existence by a rare flash of genius but that it is the result of hard work and systematic approach – we can focus on the process required to reach innovative goals, one of the services we have been supporting our customers with since 1 December 2012.

We are your professional partner in project support relating to the future. Our core competency entails all determining steps that lead to and ensure your business success.

Our innovation management service entails the listed core competencies which can be adapted to your special requirements.

chart profit on brick wall


  • Innovation and technology consultation
  • Innovation workshops
  • Future oriented forecasting
  • Innovative concept development
  • Implementation of innovations
  • Creative corporate structure design
  • Support in the development of a corporate culture based on appreciation of innovation and change

Follow new paths by making use of fresh ideas with our innovation workshops

  • You’d like to manage your company with a target oriented innovation approach?
  • You’d like to hear more about methods and tools to create substantiated success?
  • You have a current problem which requires creative solutions?

Contact us. We are your partner for solution finding and support. Trust our long-term experience and technological expertise.


We support you with our creative innovation workshops and systematically assist in generating new ideas for your business. Technical expertise and customer oriented approach are our methods of choice. Product innovation and service performance innovation are, according to our experience, vital aspects for future success and competitor management.

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